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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my computer run the game?

The system requirements are almost „toaster equivalent“. You need a at least:
Java 1.8,
512 MB RAM,
70 MB of free hard disk space
a graphics card or chip with OpenGL 2.0 and a Texture Size Support of >= 4096x4096
Intel Core 2 Duo or better

The game may run fine on computers with even lower specs. If you got lower specs we would appreciate if you share your knowledge with us.
The game should run stable at 60 FPS on almost any computer bought in the last 6 years.

What is the recommended game controller?

The game was developed for the Xbox 360 controller. Other controllers may not work properly. Future support will include the Steam Controller.

When will the game be released?

I aim for a release in 2016.

What will the final price be?

About 10$ to 20$. But there is game price politics and stuff. So be quick! Buy it now while it’s cheap.
Also indie game developer are alwys in need of funding so selling the game sooner allows us to produce a higher quality product.

How often will there be updates?

I try to fix annoying or game braking bugs as soon as possible. A new load of features will be introduced every couple months/weeks.

I have questions on how to play the game?

The game includes a guide. It is also available online: guide.pdf. If things remain unclear please contact me.

My question is not listed here?

You can contact me via contact form or ask your question in the forums.

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