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List of Known Bugs

If you spot a bug which annoys you or crashes the game please contact me. There may be some small bugs which are not listed here because some feature is just missing polishing. The list is not ordered by any kind.

  • Xbox Controllers mappings are wrong on some computers
  • In some cases new parts of the map are not loaded
  • The dialog box is not visible if run at a resolution not FullHD
  • There is a way to duplicate items by throwing them
  • Clicking twice on a tool makes the list disappear
  • Scrolling of placable list only works after dragging
  • in split screen play black spots appear on one display
  • Clipping lags one frame behind
  • "Undo changes" in the map editor does not work
  • The depth sorting can return wrong results
  • Water blocks can float above teh ground
  • Attack animations of main character sometimes does not work properly
  • Player can fly by pressing 'attack' very often
  • Entities which are over the map are insivible

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